Company Overview

In this section you will find background and contact information on companies working in game development and associated services on the island of Ireland. It is still a relatively small industry in Ireland but importantly it is growing!

If you click on one of the categories on the right hand side of this page you will find a list of companies operating in that area or offering those services. If you feel your company should be listed, or you want to update an existing listing, please click on the ‘add/update’ link on the right.

This is not an exhaustive list of companies – help us to create one by sending us your information.
:: 2PaperDolls Game Developer
:: Activision Blizzard Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: Affinity Tech Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: Annahid Games Game Developer
:: Atom Split Games Game Developer
:: BatCat Games Game Developer
:: Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Games Game Developer
:: Beep Blip Games Game Developer
:: BitRabbit Game Developer, Tools/Middleware
:: BitSmith Game Developer
:: Black Bag Music Sound/Music
:: Bluebear Game Developer
:: Bluefox Game Studios Game Developer
:: CanDo Interactive Game Developer, Tools/Middleware
:: Circles Game Development Game Developer
:: CyberMyth Games Game Developer, Business/Legal Services
:: DemonWare Tools/Middleware
:: Digit Game Studios Game Developer
:: Eirplay Games Game Developer, Localisation
:: exGamers Studios Game Developer
:: Eyesodic Game Studios Game Developer
:: Fantom Game Developer
:: Fitchsounds Sound/Music
:: GALA Networks Europe Publisher/Distributor
:: GameSparks Tools/Middleware
:: Gametango Business/Legal Services
:: Garden Shed Games Game Developer
:: Glass Robot Studios Game Developer
:: Havok Tools/Middleware
:: Icon Games Entertainment Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: Kahoot Studios Game Developer
:: Kevin Whyms Sound/Music
:: Keywords International Localisation
:: Little Bee Studios Game Developer
:: LK Shields Solicitors Business/Legal Services
:: Mason Hayes & Curran Business/Legal Services
:: McCann Fitzgerald Corporate Group Business/Legal Services
:: MW Studio Games Game Developer
:: Nevermind Games Game Developer
:: Open Emotion Game Developer
:: Pewter Game Studios Game Developer
:: Pixel Wolf Studios Game Developer
:: PlayFirst Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: Polypusher Studios Game Developer
:: Pufferfish games Game Developer
:: Purplenose Games Game Developer
:: Redwind Software Game Developer
:: Robertson Low Insurances Limited Business/Legal Services
:: SDL Localisation
:: Selatra Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor, Localisation
:: Simple Lifeforms Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: SnowGlobe Games Game Developer
:: Somnium Entertainment Game Developer
:: Studio POWWOW Game Developer
:: SuperFunPlay Games Game Developer
:: Swrve Tools/Middleware
:: Tailteann Games Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: Business/Legal Services
:: Team Aozora Game Developer
:: Tribal City Interactive Game Developer
:: Wee Man Studios Game Developer, Publisher/Distributor
:: Zoodazzle Tools/Middleware
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