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[29.10.09] The Games Industry in Ireland 2009 by Aphra Kerr
[04.05.09] GDC 09 Diary by Hugh McAtamney
[13.11.08] Atari and Ireland by Jamie McCormick
[16.04.08] A Perfect Pitch by Pavel Barter
[24.01.08] Review 2007 More Ups than Downs by Aphra Kerr
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Spreading the Jam
by Pavel Barter
The start of something big...
by Pavel Barter
The Games Industry in Ireland...
by Jamie McCormick
news News
Aesthetics of Gameplay
16th April
Gamecraft blitz
15th April
Map the Irish games industry...
13th April
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Dare to be Digital app deadline
21st April
Galway Gamecraft
10th May
Dublin Gamecraft
17th May
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Assist Lecturers in game...
DIT (Dub)
Various positions
Redwind (Dublin)
3D artist internship
Studio Holographic (dub)
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