Sourcecontrol released by exGamers

26th August 2013 
by Aphra

exGamers Studios, based in Dublin, have today released their new game sourcecontrol for PC download. It is currently available on IndieVania and IndieCity (see links below). Congrats to all and spread the word.


Sourcecontrol is a fast paced action gem-breaker where you match your wits against a rogue enemy AI. You have to hack your way through enemy encryptions by matching 4 data-nodes in the centre. You take out their firewalls with your deadly Trojans and re-capture their shields for your own use.


• 3 unique game modes.
i. Arcade Mode, where you progress through each level of the AI’s network, as new challenges are introduced as levels get hard and harder.
ii. Survival Mode, where the AI is at her full wrath. You must hold out for as long as you can before your time runs out.
ii. Casual Mode, for lovers of simple gem-breakers. You can take your time and enjoy the game with no stress.
• Immersive interactive graphics that will draw you in and capture your imagination.
• An original soundtrack designed by award winning Irish composer and conductor Marc Balbirnie
• An online leader board for each game mode, so you can compete over your favourite levels for each game.

For a trailer see the studio’s own website

To get a copy go to
IndieVania -
IndieCity -

Coming soon for Mac, iPad & Android

The exGamers Team

If you are based in Dublin you may have seen the team at previous State of Play or events.

Sean Durkan
Sean handles the creative direction of the company’s games as well as designing games, audio and concept art which is used by our graphics artist and composer to generate content for our games. Sean also programs the main gameplay, and is currently handling Android ports.

Stephen Byrne
As CEO, Stephen’s duties are in overseeing the overall direction and strategy of the company. Stephen was also the lead programmer on Source Control and is responsible for web development and the financial management of the company.

Davy Ryan
As pipeline director, Davy takes the initial game ideas and prepares a prototype from where the ideas can be tested, developed upon and the main game development can be started. He also acts as a support programmer if an extra programmer is needed, and is also a 3D modeller.

Damien Ward
Damien generates all the graphics for Source Control which includes all banners, logos, sprites, etc. that might be used in its marketing and promotion. He also works with us generating our company logos and posters. Damien brings 20 years experience in layout and design from the print industry. He is a graduate of Pulse College where he met Sean while doing a Concept Art course.

Marc Balbirnie
Marc generated all the audio-tracks for Source Control and managed the audio engine and sound effects. Marc also worked with the company and Damien in producing a trailer for the game. Marc is an award winning composer and conductor who has had his pieces preformed in the National Concert Hall and Christ Church Cathedral.

Contact info
Game Page:
Twitter: @exgamersstudios
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